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Photo Etch Bending & Rolling Deluxe Brass Assist

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Product Description

"True" cylinders, tie downs, hinges, clamps, brackets & grab handles all with one tool.

 100% Made in the USA

 Excellent for shaping radius, U-Shape or cylinder parts.
 Includes one each Aluminum rods 3/4", 1/2" & 1/4"
Includes one each Stainless Steel rods 3/16" & 1/8"
 4"x4" CNC Machined Rolling Base
High grade aluminum hard anodized in a clear finish.
 Machined channels are perfect for your rolling needs!
 Soft rolling deck enables ‘true’ cylinders to be rolled
 Beams to form tie downs, hinges, tool clamps & brackets
 Bending Comb - Matched Grab Handles every time!
 Designed for use with soft copper or brass wire. Semi-hard wire should first be annealed “heat to dull red and allow to air cool”.
 Not for use with hard wire.
 Instruction tips for getting the most from all the features

Deluxe Brass Assist Roller Set Mk. ‘MC’ by The Small Shop


Whenever I have tried in the past, to roll etch brass into anything resembling a cylinder, I’ve done it around a pencil or dowl, and always ended up with something that looks far from cylindrical. I suppose with the aforementioned brass part being secured to an armour model, I could always use the ‘battle damage’ excuse for my ineptness.

Introducing the Deluxe Brass Assist Roller Set. This is a very simple too to use, machined from very high grade aluminium and clear anodized to both protect the metal and to reduce any binding when your etch metal is being rolled. This curious looking tools upper surface has 5 almost semi-circular channels of differing diameters which come with an accompanying metal dowl, 4 of which are high grade aluminium, and the smallest one of steel to reduce the possibility of breakage. The remainder of the upper surface of this tool is covered in channels and ridges of varying width and shape. The underside of the tool is recessed and within the recess is a tough rubber pad for use as a rolling surface.  The front edge of the tool has numerous slots cut into it at differing and non-determinate distances.




So how do we use the Brass Assist Roller tool?

Before we start on our test, you do need to know that any metal you attempt to wither shape of roll really needs to be annealed first. Annealing makes the metal far more malleable and bendable. To anneal, hold your brass/copper parts over a candle flame until the colour changes to a more purple/brown colour. Leave until cool.

There are two ways to roll a true brass cylinder or partial cylinder with this tool. The first, and what I consider to be the best way is to use the reverse of the tool, on what is called the ‘Soft Rolling Deck’, and rolling the metal around the aluminium dowl of the chosen diameter, while using a second rod to hold the brass up against the first rod, while you roll. This results in a perfectly cylindrical roll every time. Of course, if you are making a cylinder from your own metal sheet, you will need to ensure you cut your metal to the correct width so the ends of the cylinder don’t overlap too much.




If you are rolling partial cylinders, then of course, you can use the method above, or you can use the channels on the upper surface, or ‘hard rolling deck, as I presume it will be called. This is as simple as placing your annealed metal over the channel, pushing the down into the channel and rolling the down as you hold the brass against it. It’s so simple.




As you can probably gather from my description of this tool, rolling brass isn’t all it can do. The vertical slots running along the front edge of the Brass Assist are for bending wire around to form grab handles and suchlike. Many slots at varying distances mean just about any width of grab handle can be made.




The channels on the upper surface are for bending photo etch ‘tie downs’ across; a tie down being the metal strap which holds tools and equipment to the chassis of armour etc. You can also simply use your own brass or copper sheet (annealed of course) and form these shapes, in varying lengths, with the aid of a pair of tweezers.

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